How does it work?

Quick powerful advice from inspirational leaders of today.

Are you keen to get access to inspirational leaders of today for advice, support and inspiration?

Perhaps you’re working through a work challenge and keen to receive the viewpoint of one of our panel members.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career and keen to get advice from industry experienced people. Have an important interview coming up? No problem, you could utilise the expertise of the panel as a sounding board.

Or you may already be operating at C-suite/ Board level and this is a great networking opportunity to connect with other likeminded leaders.


3 Rules of The Mentors Club

1. You must talk about The Mentors Club – pass it on.

2. Make an honest donation in line with the value you receive, the more the better.

3. And finally, don’t pester your mentor by asking for a job.


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Meet The Mentors

Marketing Director Westmill (ABF Group)
Mary Wilson
Managing Director Billington Food Group
Peter Allan
Chief Executive Officer Alpro
Sue Garfitt
Chief Executive Officer Bidfood
Andrew Selley
Chief Commercial Officer Baker & Baker
Elizabeth Langley-Jones
Author, Director & Learning Coach
Ally Yates
CEO & NED at Health Made Easy Group
John Weaver
UK Managing Director Puratos
Julia Darvill
Group Managing Director Regency Purchasing Group
Alex Demetriou
MD Accelerator Businesses Pilgrim’s Food Masters
Sue McVie

The Charities We're Proud to Support

"The right initiative at the right time"

I crossed paths with Jonathan after stumbling across his podcast, I found a lot of what is discussed insightful and in fact made two connections from it that assisted me in my own job search. I then found out about The Mentors Club after listening to a recent podcast and thought it was perfect timing, as I begin a new chapter in my own career with a new job on the horizon, what better time to pick the brains of a successful business leader in my industry that I would otherwise never have access to.

With a donation to charity (a bonus on top of what is a great service, that it’s also for a good cause). Jonathan matched me with who he believed would be the best fit for me. My mentor happened to be more closely aligned with my area than expected, meaning I got a whole load of advice from the true bigger picture mentoring through to some of the technical industry related advice.

I’ve wanted to find a mentor for sometime now but it’s not easy to find someone in the industry you can reach out to. The Mentors Club makes this possible and is a service you can go back to as and when you feel you need some worldly advice.

I would strongly recommend the service to anyone in my position, who is climbing the ladder and wanting to get real advice from those that have climbed the same ladder and have reached the top.

Thanks Jonathan!

Jamie Annand - Head of International Sales
/ Ramsden International

"A new charitable initiative"

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen” – Brene Brown.

Networking in a socially distanced world was always going to be challenging; however volunteering to road-test the new charitable initiative: ‘The Mentors Club’ gave me an invaluable head-start in meeting a new peer in a different industry sector. Our initial meeting was great and gave us both the chance to share experiences and swap ideas. Elizabeth was easy to talk to, so easy we talked well over our allotted time, forming a great connection. This unique initiative has enabled me to connect with new people and enhance my network. It was straightforward and afforded a fantastic opportunity to donate to charity at the same time. Thank you Leader Executive.

Jem Greenwell - Executive General Manager & Commercial Director
/ Food Industry

"A unique resource"

I’d like to thank Jonathan for setting up his mentoring programme and the careful thought and care he has put into ensuring that this is a unique resource to help people with their career development.

Finding a mentor external to your own business can be a challenging and somewhat daunting process but this programme breaks down those barriers and takes out the awkwardness of approaching truly inspirational people who are generously offering their help and guidance. Working with my mentor has given me access to someone with incredible insight and experience and also someone with a different perspective.  Sometimes it is easier to focus on work and task than have a really honest conversation about yourself and this is the perfect antidote to that.   I’ve received great advice, tips, empathy and food for thought with podcast recommendations, development tools and exercises and reading recommendations tailored to the areas that I am focused on in my development.

This has been such a rewarding experience and has given me a lot of momentum to devote more time to my personal development and the benefits that has for my business and future career path.  The fact that the scheme also supports such important charities is so inspiring and a real credit to Jonathan and the team at Leader Executive.

Lesley Arnot - Commercial Director
/ The Village Bakery