January 27, 2021 / 30:41 min

Episode Description

I am thrilled to be joined by my guest for this episode, Alex Demetriou.

Alex is the Managing Director for Regency Purchasing Group, a key player in supporting the UK Food & Drink supply chain servicing over 3000 customers. Join Alex and I as we talk about his introduction into this industry and the influence his family has had on his career. He also shares some extremely valuable tips and advice about leadership, management styles and the importance of holding the team together during tough times.

We discuss the attributes he believes makes a great leader and also what good leadership truly means in the time of Covid. Alex tells me Covid has removed our predictable future and emphasises the danger of ‘decision paralysis’, encouraging listeners to make decisions quickly and move forward.

Alex describes how important it is to invest in both your knowledge and your reputation, as well as the positive impact of surrounding yourself with good people, taking advice and building strong foundations.

We conclude the episode by discussing Alex’s hugely successful charitable trust – raising an impressive £1.6 million to fund local charities and individuals in need of medical support and corrective surgery.

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