December 18, 2020 / 31:17 min

Episode Description

In this episode, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to talk with Stuart Lee. Simply put, Stuart is a world-class Operations & Business leader with a wealth of experience gained across the Food Industry.

Previously the Executive Vice President of East Balt Bakery for 13 years, he was responsible for the whole of EMEA and during his time was attributed with increasing revenue substantially. Stuart is an expert in capital investment, organisational restructuring, strategy development and industrial capability and he now spends his time consulting, often operating on a global basis, for major international food manufacturing groups.

In this episode, Stuart and I discuss his humble beginnings in this industry, why listening is the key to leadership and the importance of a positive mindset to embrace change rather than fear it. Actively seeking challenges, embracing change and being a disruptor by continually challenging the norm are just some of the attributes that have helped Stuart through his career. He emphasises that responsibility and accountability should be kept at the forefront in order to achieve success. We wrap up this episode by summarising the importance of what this year has brought us.

Stuart talks about the opportunities to reshape and reset as well as using what we are learning today to create and implement strategic processes for the future.

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