December 04, 2020 / 34:41 min

Episode Description

In this episode of The Leader Insights Series I’m joined by the truly remarkable John Want.John is the UK Sales, Marketing and R&D Director at Rich Products, the privately-owned premium global Bakery manufacturer. As an experienced Sales, Marketing and Innovation leader, John has over 20 years experience gained from the industry with companies such as Ginsters, Lyons Seafood, Adelie Foods and currently Rich Products.

We touch upon his brilliant career within this dynamic industry, great leadership traits and the opportunities and challenges of remote working.

Being a self-professed rule bender, John emphasises the importance of embracing change, having the right people in the right roles and providing support to teams rather than micromanaging.

We also discuss tips on promoting mental wellbeing in the era of remote working, as well as his thoughts on how Covid-19 and Brexit will impact UK businesses.

Join us as we talk about great management, understanding consumer behaviour and the importance of leading by example.


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