October 03, 2022 / 38:37 min

Episode Description

My special guests for this penultimate episode of The Leader Insights Series Podcast are…… Husband and Wife duo Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho, the Founders and Co-CEO of Ooni Pizza Ovens.

Kristian and Darina were great to talk with. The Husband and Wife team share the impressive growth journey they’ve been on since launching Ooni in 2012, starting with the simple vision of replicating restaurant-quality pizzas at home.

We discuss a variety of topics including how crucial an early fundraising Kickstarter scheme was to give them proof of concept for what was not only a new product, but an invention of a whole new category.

They cite optimism & belief as being fundamental in those early days and Darina talks about how she believes having a set of core company values and prioritising culture has been, and continues to be as important as having an amazing product.

So listen in, I hope you enjoy the conversation and of course check out Ooni Pizza Ovens and the amazing range of products. As you’ll hear they have big plans for the future…

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