August 22, 2022 / 40:48 min

Episode Description

For this episode I spoke with the wonderful Shelagh Hancock, the Chief Executive Officer for First Milk, the wholly British farmer-owned Dairy co-operative.

Having graduated with a Degree in Agricultural Biochemistry & Nutrition, Shelagh went on to complete a Masters in Animal Nutrition before embarking on a career within the Dairy industry spanning over 25 years. Shelagh’s successfully worked with the likes of Glanbia Foods, Milk Link, Medina Dairy and for the past 5 years as CEO of First Milk, who we’ll learn more about in the upcoming episode…

Shelagh and I have a great discussion… we talk about:

  • Her career journey, including the traits & attributes that have been most helpful in progressing her career so far
  • The great growth journey she’s taken First Milk on since joining as CEO back in 2017
  • The changing landscape of Dairy and how Shelagh and First Milk are creating not just sustainable but regenerative farming practices
  • What Shelagh believes Farms of the future will look like

Shelagh’s clearly very passionate about the Dairy industry and calls out the purpose-driven nature of Co-Operative Farming as one of her main motivators.

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