July 25, 2022 / 40:42 min

Episode Description

For episode 45 we welcomed special guest Jonny Briscoe, the UK Managing Director for Perfetti van Melle.

If you’re not familiar Perfetti van Melle well stay tuned, as Jonny and I talk all about the business, the challenges he faced joining mid-way through the Pandemic and also we talk about what’s on his priority list in order to continue driving the growth of the business here in the UK.

Jonny was a delight to talk with. You’ll hear a very authentic and down-to-earth person, clearly motivated by people and helping the people around him to achieve. We delve into his leadership style, his advice for aspiring leaders of the future and he reflects on his own career journey where we can draw out some excellent advice.

Finally, be sure to check out The Mentors Club – launched earlier 2022! The mentoring initiative where you can connect with the industry’s most inspirational leaders all in the name of charity. To find out more, support the initiative and book your session just visit: www.leaderexecutive.com/thementorsclub

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Thank you for listening and as ever, if you’d like to get in touch for any reason you can reach me at Jon@leaderexecutivesearch.com


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