July 04, 2022 / 55:56 min

Episode Description

For episode 44 we have the wonderful Frank Höving, Managing Director for Symrise UK & Ireland. Originating from Germany, Frank and I have a great discussion ranging from his own personal career journey which includes working with Kraft Foods, Perfetti van Melle and for the past 9.5yrs with Symrise.

Symrise is one of the world’s top suppliers in the Flavouring & Fragrance market. The company has developed over 34,000 products and their customers include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry, nutritional supplements manufacturers and of course the Food Industry. Under Frank’s leadership, Symrise is the fastest growing company of it’s type in the UK so I was delighted for him to join us on the podcast so I could pick his brains.

Frank shares the challenges he faced stepping into the Managing Director role in the summer of 2019, some 7 months before the pandemic hit. We talk about current priorities and what he’s focused on the ensure future success for the business. He also shares his principles for leadership success, advice for aspiring leaders of tomorrow and much much more.

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