June 20, 2022 / 49:00 min

Episode Description

This week it was a genuine pleasure to chat with Mark Golder, Managing Director of the Children’s Healthy Food Brand and Manufacturer, Organix Brands.

Mark and I have a wide ranging conversation, firstly covering his own career journey, understanding his biggest influences and drawing out some invaluable advice you can hopefully apply in your own career.

Mark shares with us the world of Organix Brands, their 30-year journey to this point and what Mark and the team are focused on to deliver the next 30 years of growth. As always, I probe Mark for his thoughts on Leadership and draw out his keys that have held him in good stead when leading teams to success.

Finally and above all, what you’ll hopefully takeaway is a sense that Mark is an incredibly humble, positive and curious leader who is driven by making a difference. The insight and clarity of thinking Mark provides, I believe, will be valuable to many.

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