June 06, 2022 / 47:39 min

Episode Description

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking to the inspiring Alison Payne. Alison is the People Director at COOK Trading limited.

For anyone not Familiar COOK Trading, founded in 1997, they are a privately owned ready meals producer with more than 90 shops around the UK, a thriving home delivery business and a network of concessions in like-minded retailers. Most crucially though, they remain the same values centric, purpose-driven business that the co-founders Ed & Dale set out with. They are certified by the Living Wage Foundation AND in 2013 became a founding B-Corp member.

Alison herself is an accomplished HR and People professional and as you’ll hear Alison embodies the values and principles that COOK is built on, she gives us real insight into what makes COOK COOK…

We talk about her own personal approach to creating harmony and finding that all important work/ life balance including role modelling the right behaviours.

We uncover some of the initiatives of how COOK became the No1. Best Food & Drink company to work for in the Sunday Times Best Companies list. Alison also lets us in on what they are focused on right now, including financial wellbeing initiatives and much much more…

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