May 09, 2022 / 41:04 min

Episode Description

We’re excited to introduce the next instalment of the Podcast featuring Violetta Stevens– the Managing Director for Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. So Violeta was a joy to talk with. As a leader, she’s very clear on her values and principles…

In our discussion you will hear how her passions lye in building sustainable, purpose-driven business models that add value to every link in the supply chain. Union Hand Roast Coffee are a shining example of how business done properly is not only the right thing to do, but is also a more resilient way to reach profitability.

As an avid learner, Violetta talks about how curiosity, routine and investing in self learning has helped her in her own career journey. Violetta highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and finally, she shares her own secrets to great leadership and what skills aspiring leaders will need to develop for the future.

Finally, be sure to check out The Mentors Club – launched earlier 2022! The mentoring initiative where you can connect with the industry’s most inspirational leaders all in the name of charity. To find out more, support the initiative and book your session just visit:

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