April 11, 2022 / 1:12:44 min

Episode Description

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Roger Saul.

If you’re not familiar with Roger Saul, he is the founder of the iconic UK fashion brand Mulberry and in more times he’s transitioned into the wonderful world of Food founding Sharpham Park, the home of British Spelt!

A truly fascinating conversation with someone who can only be described as a ‘bit of a legend’ from the world of fashion.

Roger is a natural storyteller and straight away, he takes us on an incredible journey from early origins of Mulberry, the growth, the adversity, the highs and also sets backs along the way. Listen in and you’ll hear how, as an early 20 something in the 70’s he pushed through his fears, developed great resilience all the while constantly innovating and ultimately learning the power of creating a true brand.

During this episode we also talk about his new venture – Sharpham Park, which again in it’s own right has an incredible story and a bright future ahead which will shortly see the launch of a new, category changing Spelt drink!

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