February 21, 2022 / 36:05 min

Episode Description

Excited to share this week’s guest Giovanni Ghisetti – the Managing Director for snack manufacturer, Eat Natural who are now owned by Ferrero.

An experienced and charismatic business leader, Giovanni has very clear and people-focused principles of leadership. His style is a blend of ‘Economics and Psychology’ which has allowed him to understand how people think. He leads with what he calls ‘Knowledge Authority’- always behaving with authenticity and respect.

In this episode, Giovanni and I discuss what attracted him back to FMCG after a successful period working for some of the largest blue-chips in the world. He tells us it was the combination of his love for tech with the emotional connection you get from food that led him back to this dynamic industry.

You will really get a sense of Giovanni’s passion for people and cultural diversity through this episode as we dive into his main motivations and the pivotal moments in his life (both positive and negative).

Join us as we walk about food innovation, career advice, merger & acquisition advice, effective leadership traits and the importance of building trust and how he keeps people engaged and motivated.

Here are some key topics we discussed through the episode:

06:54 Traits and attributes that led to Giovanni’s success
10:34 Giovanni’s main motivations and his ‘WHY’
12:40 What does good leadership looks like?
23:18 What does good M&A look like
33:50 Economics and Psychology

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