January 31, 2022 / 38:33 min

Episode Description

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Craig Davis – the Head of Grocery & E-Commerce at Muller Dairy UK & Ireland.

Having known Craig for over 10 years I’ve watched him progress his career at an impressive rate and so, I was keen to invite him to the show and pick his brains on his career, his leadership principles and much much more!

In this discussion, Craig offers up some genuine thought-provoking ideas and whatever stage in your career, I’m confident you’ll take something away. Craig talks passionately about comfort zones, how breadth in his career has been pivotal for his success. We delve into his early career, his views on leadership and the principles that guide him.

Finally, we also get his thoughts on some of the wider challenges the industry needs to tackle in order to attract and retain the best talent to our sector.

Here are some key topics we discussed through the episode:

  • 07:09 Traits and attributes that led to Craig’s success
  • 13:35 Craig’s motivations and his ‘WHY’
  • 19:32 What does good leadership looks like?
  • 22:08 Craig’s personal top 3 leadership principles
  • 23:34 Leaders of the future
  • 25:13 Current and future industry challenges

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