December 08, 2021 / 44:18 min

Episode Description

In this, the final episode of 2021, I had the pleasure of speaking with Heather Angus – the HR & Sustainability Director for Bidfood.

This episode is a particularly insightful one, as we discuss all things sustainability! Since joining Bidfood, Heather has brought sustainability to the forefront, driving their sustainability programme, which is now a key part of the overall strategy and one that focuses on 3 core elements: Environment, Social and Governance.

Heather tells us that it’s absolutely critical for an organisation’s leadership team to be involved in sustainability so that it becomes part of everyone’s role and not just sitting with one individual. We discuss the key commercial benefits of this – including customer interest, higher employee engagement and talent acquisition. Plus, Heather offers up some great advice on those just starting out on the sustainability journey.

Finally, Heather has developed an impressive career both in and out of the Food & Drink Industry spanning the past 20 years and so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk about Heather’s traits and attributes – such as personal drive and a passion for treating people with respect, that have contributed to her career success. In addition, I get Heather’s insight into what good leadership looks like and some excellent advice for younger generations.

Here are the key topics with timestamps for the episode:

07:42 Traits and attributes that led to Heather’s success

10:50 Heather’s ‘WHY’

13:31 Sustainability and Bidfood’s sustainability programme

18:10 Key commercial benefits of prioritising sustainability

26:42 Advice for those looking to start their sustainability journey

33:02 What does good leadership look like?

41:42 Heather’s advice for younger generations

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