August 04, 2021 / 37:34 min

Episode Description

In this week’s episode, I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Ross Farquhar – Marketing Director of Little Moons. Ross has a seriously impressive career in Marketing within the Food industry, starting out at Cadbury and Diageo before taking the plunge into the world of start-ups at creative agency 101. After achieving great success as Chief Marketing Officer at Wagamama (from launching an anime-epic in cinemas to vegan tuna), he is now the Marketing Director for Little Moons.

Ross and I had a great time discussing a whole range of topics right from what attracted him to this wonderful industry to advice he can provide to those starting out in their career. We go through Ross’ background, his journey into Marketing and the insight and tips he’s picked up along the way. Ross describes his early days as being “overly ambitious”, looking at career as a ladder that needs to be scaled quickly. While he has no regrets, he does mention the importance of bringing balance into life and the importance of changing focus into what makes you happy.

We also touch upon the seemingly overnight success of Little Moons, the role TikTok played in achieving this and the strategic and tactical changes they had to meet the soaring demand levels. Ross also talks us through the importance of good communication and clear messaging. Lastly, we gain insight into the key factors Ross believes make a great leader and tips on how to identify the right people and creating an atmosphere where team members can thrive.

Here are some key topics we discussed through the episode:

4.32 Key Traits and Attributes for Success

13.22 Factors That Drive Ross’ Career and His WHY

18.01 Journey with Little Moons and their overnight Success

21.28 Strategic Challenges that come with immense demand

25.02 Clarity, Energy and Empathy – insight into what Ross believes makes a good leader

28.50 Importance of Clear Messaging and Communication

34.44 Career Advice and Bringing Balance

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