June 23, 2021 / 29:29 min

Episode Description

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young entrepreneur and the Founder of Wellbeans Coffee, Michael Ellis.

Michael has a truly inspirational story, using his own personal struggles with anxiety and his love of Coffee to create a purpose-driven business that gives back to the community.

Michael and Wellbeans spread awareness about mental health and simultaneously break down barriers and stigma that still surround the topic.

The brand supports positive living and encourages the feeling of being part of a community of conscientious coffee lovers. Michael tells us “giving back” is central to Wellbeans, as they aim to use the profits to fund community projects, wellbeing initiatives and mental health charities.

Join us in conversation as we discuss Michael’s inspiring story and his own personal journey that has fuelled him to this point. Sharing his story with authenticity and honesty, he talks about his struggles with anxiety and feelings of isolation. This propelled him into creating Wellbeans Coffee, a profit with purpose coffee company that has community at the heart of everything they do. Michael also shares the challenges that come with being a young entrepreneur, their sustainability goals and his big plans for the future of Wellbeans!

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