April 28, 2021 / 51:57 min

Episode Description

For this episode, I was delighted to talk about culture fit and leading with the heart with my special guest Marc Cox, Founder of The Company Spirit and Author of the highly regarded book “The Business Case for Love”.

Over the past decade, Marc has been hired by CEO’s and leadership teams from across the globe who are looking for a different approach to creating an authentic company culture.

Through Marc’s unique approach, he helps organisations understand what the company stands for and what makes it different. Marc is also the author of the highly acclaimed book “The Business Case For Love” in which he shares the secrets of how you can get your company bragged about in today’s ever-competitive world!

We kick off this episode discussing Marc’s incredibly successful career and swiftly move on to his predictions for UK retail trends and what the future holds for the high street. Marc, in his usual candour, tells me how there is a big shift in customer priorities, and it is imperative that, moving forward, organisations should shift their focus from “product and price” to understanding customer insight and employee & customer experience.

In the second half of this week’s episode, we delve into Marc’s book and his philosophy of “The Business Case for Love”.  Marc explains how more and more employees are now looking for a cultural fit and an organisation with a clear purpose and vision. We discuss how employees refuse to put up with toxic leadership, instead looking up to leaders that truly believe in what they stand for and lead with the heart. We talk about how Marc’s unique approach helps organisations create authentic company values and a set of beliefs that, in turn, result in truly memorable experiences for customers and high levels of employee engagement.

We hope you enjoy the listen and if you’d like to get in touch for any reason you can reach me at Jonathan.ohagan@leaderexecutivesearch.com

You can also reach out to Marc directly via his website: www.thecompanyspirit.com

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