April 14, 2021 / 39:58 min

Episode Description

This week I was delighted to be joined by the wonderful Julia Darvill.

Julia is the Managing Director for the UK arm of Puratos, a global Bakery Ingredients supplier with a £1.9Bn turnover. Having worked within the drinks industry at organisations such as Molson Coors and Britvic, Julia then went on to join Puratos as UK Sales Director in 2015. After 3 years of consecutive and successful growth she was promoted to Managing Director and now leads the UK workforce setting their vision and strategic direction in the ever-competitive and evolving bakery ingredients arena.

In this episode, Julia and I dive right into discussing how the pandemic has changed workplace cultures. Julia shares with me her thoughts on how Covid has highlighted the need for unity in crisis and provided the impetus to promote sustainable changes in the workplace. We discuss the importance of the human element in business and the role leaders must play in developing the right culture for their organisation. Understanding the complexities and challenges faced by employees, evaluating the way organisations measure success and refining the company’s mission, value and purpose are crucial to creating a favourable climate for employees to develop and thrive.

Finally, Julia describes how she co-developed ‘People Fuel’ in 2019 – a learning module consisting of 3 components to help accelerate the team’s agility and development of self. Through tips, tricks and insight into diagnosing high and low points of energy, People Fuel allows employees to understand their emotional, mental and physical barriers and how to overcome them, thus helping them to sustain their health and wellbeing during turbulent times whilst staying productive.

As ever, if you’d like to get in touch for any reason you can reach me at Jonathan.ohagan@leaderexecutivesearch.com

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