March 31, 2021 / 1:02:02 min

Episode Description

This week on The Leader Insights Series Podcast we have an exclusive extended episode with the incredibly engaging Sam Waterfall.

Sam is a high-impact career coach with a background in marketing and a no-nonsense approach to getting you the job you really want. Whether it’s helping young people overcome their inexperience to land their first job, or it’s working alongside senior leaders to build strategies for their career growth, Sam has worked with people in all stages of their career search (helping some land jobs in Nike, Redbull, Virgin, Facebook and NHS to name a few!)

Through this extended episode, Sam and I go through some crucial pieces of advice relevant not only to those who are looking to accelerate their job search but also for those who are developing their career and looking to take the next step.

We discuss Sam’s marketing background and his not-so-traditional coaching method – combining career coaching with marketing consultancy. He expresses the importance of maintaining clarity throughout the job search and having a clear direction to achieve long-term success while focussing on the potential strategies to get there.

We chat about the immense power of networking. Starting with recognising that other people represent your biggest opportunity to advance within your career, Sam shares his top 6 rules for effective networking to help convert people from feeling like strangers to feelings of familiarity. We delve into the Law of Reciprocity and Sam explains his idea behind what he calls The Dream 30 – but you’ll have to give this episode a listen to hear it from the man himself!

Take a moment to enjoy our latest episode – It may be a bit longer than the others but we promise it’s packed with some incredible information, tips and advice that you can benefit from no matter where you are in your career.

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You can also get in touch with Sam directly on or visit his website


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