March 17, 2021 / 38:37 min

Episode Description

My guest for this week’s episode on The Leader Insights Series Podcast is the inspiring and hugely successful Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidcorp UK.

Having become CEO of Bidfood UK in 2014 Andrew also sits on the Bidcorp global leadership foodservice group developing their interests in Turkey, the Middle East, the Baltics and Spain. Bidcorp has become the leading supplier of food, beverages and packaging services to the hospitality industry in the UK and has over 50,000 customers via Bidfood, The Caterfood Buying Group and Bidfresh.

In this episode, Andrew and I discuss the massive impact Covid has had on the business and the interesting methods and ideas implemented to shift a primarily B2B business to include B2C offerings and e-commerce supplying directly to the consumers. He emphasises the importance of communicating (both consistently and effectively) to help nurture teams and provide them with the trust and engagement they require during these trying times.

We also talk about how Covid has brought the core values of good leadership to the forefront – Trust, Clarity & Insight.

Andrew further emphasises the importance of authenticity in leadership and unity within the team – both of which are strengthened by the business’ vision and values. We also touch upon personal development and the ‘IGNITE’ business model – drawing from the amazing advice and insight within Andrew’s book, ‘Ignite your Business’, to help fuel change and allow businesses to flourish.

Join us as we navigate our way through topics such as interpersonal skills, raising people’s aspirations, nurturing team members to bring out the best in them and the importance of being more agile within business.

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