February 17, 2021 / 46:25 min

Episode Description

My guest for this week’s episode is the truly inspirational Mary Wilson, the Global Marketing Director of Lil-Lets.

Mary has nearly 25 years’ marketing & brand building experience and has worked within a number of environments such as multi-national Seagram Distillers & Vintners, Premier Foods through to a privately owned food & drink innovation business. She is deeply passionate about making a difference for both the brands and the people that she works with.

In this episode, Mary explains how the pandemic has changed our rules of engagement. She stresses the importance of rewriting how we interact with team members to understand their unique individual experiences of working from home, without any assumptions of their accessibility. While highlighting the importance of finding your tribe and aligning yourself with companies that share your intrinsic values, we also touch upon the traits that have helped her through her incredible journey including hard work, understanding what makes you motivated and knowing when to recharge or switch off.

Join us in conversation as Mary shares her story and offers insight on ‘finding your tribe’, brand accountability, the importance of demonstrating empathy and investing in people as a leader.

“Finding your place, finding your tribe and finding your fit is key to role fulfillment and enjoyment”

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